Wednesday, 22 October 2014

I did it

I or we should I say survived our first week back at work. And you know it wasn't too bad. 
Monday I felt ok about as martha was with my folks so she barely give me a backwards glance as I left. 

I packed a epic slimming world friendly lunch the night before. I didn't wanna run out of food lol. And I didn't. 

So Monday was fine. Nice to see lots of old friends at work. Martha was excited to see me when I got in and I made t home in good time. 

Tuesday was quite different. I had to have us both up and dressed and in the car for 7.45. 
I tried to prepare as much as I could but still found things to improve on. 

But we were reasonably ready to go on time. Sadly martha was very sad at nursery as I left which is v difficult to walk away from. 

I made it to work by the skin of my teeth and when I rang a couple hours later she was still upset :( 

I rang later and she was a bit happier. Rob finishes earlier on a mon and tues so he went to get her. She seemed ok in the end. 

She had only slept for 30mins all day so was erm fun during dinner time. We had a little play and then it was bedtime. I hate not seeing her and I missed her loads. 

Today I had a few more things sorted like the change may and nappy ready with her clothes ready and things. So not as stressful as Tuesday. 

Another tough drop off for my girl but I had to get to work so was go go go. 
I loved finishing at 12 thou. Very indulgent. 

Martha did tons better today. She cried for a bit after I left but was much happier and loved her lunch especially her pudding. I wonder who she gets that from erm daddy!! 

So there you go. It's not as bad as I thought being back. I didn't have martha obviously when I was last there so it's not like I'm somewhere I'm used to being with her like home for example. 
It's nice to see everyone and catch up and nice to feel I'm contributing to the household again. 

So now I have 4 days with my darling girl. 
She's been napping all afternoon so I've been knitting and watching a film which has been lovely. 
So here is hoping next week improves a little more. 
Thanks for your well wishes. 

Speak soon

Rachel. X

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