Friday, 24 October 2014


So lately, actually for a while I have been cast on happy. Yesterday as I snuggly looked at Ravelry to see I had like 3 WIPs  and was chuffed. Then as I was looking for something in the draw found tons of WIPs. So yesterday I sat and added them to Ravelry and today during naptime I photographed them. 

So I have tons, tons and tons. 

This is Antler. A cardigan I started well before martha came and said I would knit on it in the early days lol. How funny. I am steeking it so it's easier. I have recently picked this up again. 

I started this on maybe Tuesday night. Been meaning to make this for a while our office runs slightly to very cold so yay for wearing shawls. 

I've actually made loads of progress in this. 
I've worked on it all night so it's even bigger now. This is yarn I got at Woolfest 2012. As is Antler above actually. 

This is just a simple baby hat I am making for my neighbour who is expecting next month. Idea is its a bit xmassy. It's called Little Scallops. I've knit it for gifts a few times and it's v cute. 

This one is for martha. Thou I started it a while ago so may not fit anymore lol. 

A bigger granny stripe for martha is also on the go and getting not a lot of love lately. 

Thou what I have done is v pretty 

I have started one for my neighbour but I've literally done the first row but the colours are on Ravelry. 

Sorry blogging on my phone and it's acting up. 

This is just a basic little hat for the next baby girl that arrives. Knit in cotton. 
Think magic coffee bean hat. Started this a million years ago and been sat for ages. 

This is the Great Divine shawl. This is very fancy yarn. I forget what it is now but it's dreamy. The pink I got on my honeymoon on our very first day in LA, it's Malibrigo. 
The other is fyberspates something and is v v v v v soft, I treated myself. This is a fun pattern but I haven't really got going on it yet. 

I have toe up self striping socks too from Trailing Clouds. My friend was de stashing this yarn and I've been after it for ages so was very happy to snap it up. 

I think that's it for now other ones I don't have photos on my phone. But I have another Central Park hoodie, and other Neon, and something cute for Martha. 
Oh I do have a pic of that. 

I've been making it to knit night every now and again. 

So yes there are quite a few!! 

How many WIPs do you have??? 

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Nicola said...

This post makes me anxious! I can only have 1 project on the go at a time.


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