Wednesday, 15 October 2014


I have loads to share with you but no time to actually share. 
I have tons of birthday photos to share. I have had a couple of lovely family days out with lovely pics to go with that. 
I've finished quite a few things knitting wise and sewing wise, I have completely gutted my craft room and that looks great. 
Martha has started nursery so all of the darn right sad emotional feelings that go with that and I start back at work next week and even more sad emotional feelings that go with that. I need to tidy my house ready for work and sort everything. I need to see everyone one last time, I have a christening to go to this weekend. 

I want to chat about all of these things. 

I will do my best to chat properly very soon. 

I'll leave you with this pic coz it's funny and makes me smile and with so much upheaval it's nice to smile. 

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