Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Yarndale 2014

Hi all, sorry for the delay, i have one million photos to share from marthas birthday 'events' but there is too many to sort just yet and i am working on a birthday photo book that expires very soon so I'm concentrating on that at the min.

But i wanted to share what i have been up to this past weekend.
I went to YARNDALE, yay, i was gutted to say the least i couldn't go last year, and yes whilst i know i had a 5 day old baby and could barely walk it was a very quick lesson in the 'you can't do everything you want when you have a baby' didn't think i would have to learn that quite so soon but alas i shan't dwell (too much)

So on saturday i met my friends Rosanna and Gwen and we drove to Skipton, we used the park and ride service, thankfully we were on the 2nd bus which were only 13 seaters and there was quite a line.

We passed the double deckers which were coming from the station but lots of trains were running so they looked empty.

We got there about 10.30 and there was a massive line, this was at the back but we went to the front where it was slightly less, we will know for next time to pre book tickets and everyone who had them could just walk in.

We got in nearer 11 and it was very pretty. 

I stopped first at Daisy Bun Boo, and I got a fab big bag with mushrooms on it. 

The Knitting Goddess had some gorgeous self striping yarn, but i had just got my Trailing Clouds so resisted 

i had fun walking round with my friends and saw lots of familiar faces, i did run off a good few times to 'hit' the stalls i really wanted.

I stopped at the Tin Can Knits and met Mrs tin can, she had the most beautiful little baby with her and i got to check out her new book Roadtrip. And she said she really liked my jumper, i was wearing not your boyfriend sweater lol, 

My goodies bag was pretty full, but i have been selling loads of things to have plenty spending money.

one side

and the other.

The signal was pretty patchy for our card so rosanna had to nearly go outside to get a signal, police officer just happened to be standing there lol. 

Fyberspates were selling all of the hand dyed at a bargain price as they aren't dyeing anymore so we all made the most of that stand. 

And here is all of my stash.
I will share all my plans for it soon.

did you go? why did you get?

rach x


Jo said...

My goodness, just look at the queue. I think we must have got there maybe half an hour later than you and there was no queue at all, we just walked in after paying. You did well, I hardly bought anything other than gifts which I can't show on my blog, but I shall do better next time.

Gail S said...

I bought the teapot bag in your Daisy Bun Boo pic and yarn too of course ! that's a lovely shade of yellow yarn above - what's it going to be ?


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