Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Housewarming fun

So my sister last year, bought a converted chapel. As you do. My sister and my brother in law and lots of family members have worked very hard and now it is ready to show off. 

Thou I have little photos of her house but some other fun pics. She had a BBQ which was yummy and a bouncey castle which Martha loved. 

Martha wore a beautiful  dress. And leggins and a cardi as it was breezy. 

We took a pic before we left

We admired the view from
The summer house that my bro in law made. Again as you do. 

So she loved this. 

It turns out that standing up on bouncey castles is a lot harder than it looks

We had fun. I was pooped. But it sure was pretty up here. 

There were a few of my sisters friends babies there which was nice. 

We managed to get a pic of us together, it doesn't happen lots. I tend to get lots of Martha with other people so nice to get one of the 3 of us. 

Our little family. 

Back soon x


Jude said...

Keep meaning to comment; Martha is such a beautiful, always happy baby with the most gorgeous infectious smile. Thank you for sharing her with us. :-) Jude.x

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely pic of the three of you.


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