Thursday, 7 August 2014

Hot hot days

I'm not a fan of the heat. People think this is odd, I get hot and bothered and now with a baby it's even harder. We have had a long old run of poor bedtimes coz of this heat. 
But we have had some fun in short bursts. 

It was my sisters birthday last week so along with my mam and a flying visit from my older sis we had a picnic in the park.


There was cake. 
Cute photos. 

There was a little ice cream action 

A little lolly too

Always time for a go on the swings. 

Lovely mid week day. Being the summer hols are here we are having to make a bigger effort to make our own entertainment. 
Last week we finally got the paddling pool out that Martha got for Xmas. 

Then the other day we had a couple of friends round. 

This one amused me. No mother no more photos lol. 

We had a little trip to Ikea

Lots of days were sat waiting for daddy to get home. We miss him. 

This week I'm meeting a v v pregnant friend. Due today actually. Meeting my friend Mel and her gorgeous boy, a day off with daddy and then a trip up north at the weekend, not been for a month so looking forward to that. And I get to meet the gorgeous baby Eleanor. 

Hope you have a good week. It's my mission this week to get my scrappy stuff on eBay. 

FYI this post is from she's ago. It won't seem to post but took she's so this is mid July. 

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Hannah2 said...

Love the grip on the ice lolly!


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