Thursday, 31 July 2014

Granny's Favourite

It's a well known fact my mam is awesome knitter it's also well known that she is fast. I try to request things for Martha that are a bit too tricky, fiddly or if they are knit in pieces from my mam, she's a perfectionist when it comes to knitting and basically I'm not. 

So this is Martha's latest knit. In Sweet Pea colour ( one of Martha's many nicknames) and Granny's Favourite pattern. 

Martha was very interested in the buttons

And thought it was great fun to give it a good tug! 

Ive mainly been working on gifts for friends my lovely friend had a beautiful baby girl on Friday so after knitting her a little grey number I am now in pink mode. 
I have just finished another little neutral baby number for my friend who is due next week. These babies are coming thick and fast lol. 

Back soon 

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