Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Knitting plans.

Today it is cloudy and a bit dark and oh so cool. I have to say I am glad. So as my little head has thought Oohh winter. I thought I would share a few pics of things I'm going to make Martha for winter. 

I really like the colours and nice to have a change from all the pinks. Will have to consult with my mam as to her knitting winter Martha plans but I'm excited. 

I have finished my gift knitting for now so I have got back to finishing Martha's vertebrae cardigan

Pinned her down for sleeve measurements. 

I have 3 garments on the go at the min. 
Neon, Vertebrae and Antler so need to get going on them. 

I made it to knit night last week and with the help of my friend Gwen I cast on 3 pairs of socks from toe up so they are all started one has the toe done which is the 2nd sock but the others are all new. 

Trying to power on with Martha's cardigan and will get going on mine. And then pick one to start for Martha. She's still just a little dot so need to see what will fit. She has a narrow back so lots of things are really big for her, planning needed. 

What are you planning on making?? 

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faith76 said...

Love your future knitting plans :-) With girls it seems to be an endless amount of pink, which I like but I also like mixing it up. Love your latest knit and the patterny stripes. Would love to make a garment for my girls(6 years and 18 mths) but just need the confidence to go for it :-) Currently making a flower corsage at the mo which will probably go to my eldest xxx


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