Sunday, 13 July 2014

Scotland Part 1

In the middle of June we had the opportunity to go on a little holiday to Scotland with my mam and dad to Ayrshire in West Scotland. 

It was a long drive but Martha was a super star and we arrived to gorgeous sunshine. 

Beautiful blue skies. 

Martha was very impressed with our swans on our bed. 

It was self catering which was good as Im doing slimming world so could keep a eye on what i was eating. 

We had such a sunny balcony. 

The next day we went to Girvan which was a beach nearby, it was gorgeous like seriously lovely and quiet. 

We took a walk down to the sea which was crazy warm, i would say it was maybe even warmer than the sea in Hawaii. 

Rob had fun with seaweed 

Martha really liked the sea and had a good splash about. 

She had fun with the sand. 

But got a bit carried away. 

Check out those blue skies, oh and my dad had a random week of having a beard, it is gone now!!

Martha did super well and we kept her covered up, it was about 26 degrees which we couldn't believe. 

There was a fantastic park near the beach but martha was snoozy by this point. 

Rob still had fun though. 

So did my dad 

Like look how cool this bin is. 

We passed a sign for a random community garden, it was pretty darn hot at this point. 

It was super pretty though. 

After lunch and nap time we headed to the pool that was on site.

Martha had her new cozzie. 

The pool was great and so warm, I'm not a fan of water but this was lovely and warm like a bath and martha loved it. 

We have some awesome videos of her playing and splashing about. 

There are tons of pics so i will do the next part of the holiday in a few days. 

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Hannah2 said...

That beach looks beautiful! Looks like you have a little water baby there! Lovely pics.


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