Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Scotland part 2

On the Wednesday afternoon we were due to leave as Rob was at work the next day, but as I had to go back up to my folks that weekend said it made more sense for me to stay. 

When he drove off i was super sad and felt like Baby on Dirty Dancing when Jonny drives away lol. 

but the blue skies still shone. 

My dad when to play golf so me and mam went to play at the park. 

You can't tell from this pic but my mama ankles are a very angry shade of red. 

We had fun playing on the grass and took 1 million pics of martha sat here. 

She was super cute, this is one of my favourite outfits from Boden. 

She does like a good swing. 

We headed back for tea

And then bedtime. 

The next morning we headed back to the beach. 

Not before a quick bottle of milky. 

We went to the park first while she was awake and happy. 

We played on a big swing. 

As did Grandad. 

And headed back to the gorgeous beach. 

I had somehow forgot to bring marthas sun hat despite having 3 with me. But her Muzzie tied round her head did a great job and she kept it on. most surprising. 

I managed a very sneaky row on my current WIP. 

We headed back to the 'house' and had another quick swim and watched the sunset. 

Next day we were all packed up and managed to squeeze into my dads car, not quite sure how though. 

Bye Bye lovely holiday. 

The journey home was long so we stopped here on the A66 for a little break.

It was super cute with cute animals. 

And a giant Rabbit, it had a cute gift shop where i picked up a a few things. 

We arrived back late afternoon, we had a lovely time home and I love all the fab photos and memories we have. I really must get some printed. 


faith76 said...

Looks like a lovely break x

Kirsteen said...

Glad you got some nice Scottish weather. We just passed that cafe on Friday on our way back up the road from Center Parcs at Penrith.


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