Friday, 11 July 2014

Woolfest 2014

So a couple of weeks ago me and my sis headed off to Woolfest, I couldn't go last year as thats when i was having lots of problems with my back and i was about 30 weeks pregnant.

Today was the first day I have left Martha for that long, so we decided to go there and back in a day, we normally stay over but i didn't feel quite ready for that this year. 
Alas we got on the road early. 

It got sunnier and sunnier the nearer we got

We made it in good time, despite the A66 being slow!

We shared a field with loads of cows.

The first stop we made was with Laal Bear 

Then we sort out the button stall we liked, or so we thought.

Then we found a super cheap button stall with loads of lovely buttons that were about 25p which was much more reasonable.

This was the stall. 

And then we found the button stall we were actually looking for, we thought the first stall had been really expensive and must have raised their prices but turns out it was a different stall and we got mixed up, actually the first stall bought buttons from this stall Textile Garden and sold them for nearly 3 times as much. 

We weren't impressed. 

This was the Sparkle Duck stand, lovely yarn but didn't get anything from there. 

Always with a look though. 

There were some cute drawings on one of the stands and this one amused me. 

We stopped at Easy Knits for a little look. 

They had some super lovely yarns. 

We headed back about 4 so we could get back to see Martha before bedtime. 

We headed back through the twisty roads. 

And home to my gorgeous girl who was very excited to see me. 

Once baby was in bed I got out my goodies 

These are my Laal Bear goodies. 

I grabbed a Baa Ram Ewe bag which is their 5th Anniversary Birthday bag. 

i got a lovely green/blue skein from Knitting Goddess. 

and a lovely pink my sis got my from Easyknits. 

And oooohhh the buttons, yeh i went a bit mad but they were so cheap and its so nice to see them in person and see the size etc, i got 5 of each as that seems to be a good number for baby knits which is what i mainly do. 

So there you go thats it for another year.

I have actually caked up all the yarn, Martha thought this was funny. 

I have some plans for my purchases which i will share when i get chance.

Did you go? What did you get?

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