Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Sunny Days

Hey, are you impressed with all my scheduling? I am lol, so today i thought i would share some random pics from some of the sunny days we had in the past month or so. Photo heavy! 

So we had a bit of sun recently, Daddy did some kicking with martha on the blanket in the garden. 

We are slowly getting used to the trolley lol she loves it coz she can look about and everyone smiles at her. 

A few weeks ago we went to the beach near my folks.

We sat on the beach for a little bit before it got too windy. 

This is my favourite little outfit, her gorgeous dungarees from Boden. 

Auntie Nicky came with us too. 

Look how big and little she looks at the same time

hee hee

Family pic 

We went to Tropical world one day, which was nice but its in the middle of being updated so looked a bit tired in places, maybe might go back when its completely finished. 

we have played in a new park we found. 

we went to Harewood House gardens, (pricey but had a 241 offer) the gardens are pretty and tons of birds. 

This is  Crane, we are a bit obsessed with Frasier at the min so this amused us. 

Martha loved grabbing the flowers, we say gentle all the time .

group shot with a squashed martha moo lol 

I have done a bit of knitting in the garden, 

Daddy sent up a little tent for martha. 

We had some cuddles. 

Did I tell you she can sit up now??

its freaking awesome. she can play so much better now. 

She isn't a fan of the sun on her face and fell asleep like this on the way home from a baby group. 

Some more sitting and playing. 

Another gorgeous sainsburys outfit. 

oh and another, this is a very big fancy dress but we put it on just because and she looks gorgeous in it, she really suits blue as her eyes are blue at the min, mine are green and robs are brown so thats funny, equally i have no idea how she's blonde but sure that will change. 

We went for a little walk with my granny, she really liked pushing martha in the pram, Martha is so lucky to have her great grand parents and i always make sure we seen them when we go up north 

Another little summer number from Boden. 

And a bit of sitting in the garden on a sunny evening before bedtime. 

Wow thats about it for sunny days so far, hopefully more to come but not too many that we melt lol


Hannah2 said...

Beautiful pictures!

hotpotato said...

So so cute and growing up fast.


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