Saturday, 7 June 2014

More Martha Knits

Hi, back with some more of Marthas new knits. 

This one i am quite disappointed with, i am terrible at seaming up and will avoid it at all costs, i just can't do it 

Smiley Cardi the knitting is all fine but i totally messed up the collar and just carried on coz I'm lazy and now I'm mad at myself. 

can you see how its riding up, why did i think that was ok?

I have passed it to my mam and she's gonan fix it for us, assume take all the collar off and everything.

I am going to try harder in making my knitting better and not just bodge it when i do it wrong, I actually have a bit of a pile where i am generally messed up the button band but just left it so i am going to try and fix them. 

This one my friends mum has made for martha so i don't know what the pattern is, its a tad big at the min but so cute and in the same yarn i used above but different colour. 

This is a new pattern i recently bought, its super cute, i managed to just squeeze it out of one ball of Regia but again should have done long sleeves, I am planning on making another one maybe just in plain cream to match some of her brighter clothes coz she has lots lol.  

Hope you are enjoying her little wardrobe, i have to say it is hard to make sure she is wearing everything, i have a pile already of mainly hats that she didn't get to and now don't fit but i have just stored them away for gifts for all the next lot of babies. 

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