Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Random out and about

I have had this little selection of pics to share for a bit so these are generally from Easter time, nothing in particular but cute cute cute.

So we played in the sand at a local park

Martha has got really string legs thanks to her jumperoo i believe, she can't pull herself up but can stand and lean a bit. 

she has mastered FaceTime and has recently started to spot the people on FaceTime its so cute. 

cute little pics with her daddy. 

my friend laura gave us this top and its super cute, i even managed to find the same top in the next size in a dress version at a local car boot so I'm pleased. 

I bought this dress ages ago, one of the first things i got when i found we were having a girl. 

We went out to see Lion King, rob got these tickets for his birthday last july and it was finally time, we had a great time and was a fab show. 

One sunny day we put the wendy house up and had a little picnic in the sun/shade

Rob had a few days off after easter and we headed to Billy-bobs Ice cream parlour it was quite a drive away but was really nice, its a American style restaurant and was really fun. 

Martha was asleep for most of our meal and woke just as we finished and tried to grab a bit of daddies milkshake.  It had a huge play area which was far too big for martha and they had awesome barns with rope swings landing on bales of hay, be great when she's bigger, much bigger. 

It had a great theme, nothing really for martha to eat, just mini hot dogs etc and nothing terribly healthy but it was fun and yummy. 

On the way home we stopped at Ilkley, I popped to Create which has lovely yarn but i hadn't been for ages and they no longer stock yarn, all the yarn has been moved here which is right on the little car park. 

Its a cute shop but tiny tiny, you wouldn't fit a pushchair in there, thankfully rob stayed in the car with martha. 

I got a couple little purchases. This yarn is what i did one of marthas cardigans with recently. 

On Easter monday my chum Fran came to visit, she lives in London now but always manages to visit when she's up. 

Over Easter weekend rob was working, we went to my Aunties for a little catch up. 

naturally a visit to my grandparents. 

We have been gathering Happyland, we have quite a bit but currently she loves this. 

Easter socks. 

And ended with a baby in a box! 

Gosh all of that feels so long ago, sorry for the photo heavy post but now I'm nearly caught up on my posts. and its still May lol. 


Nicole said...

I've probably said it before but I love how smiley Martha is, she just looks like the happiest child ever!

Libby said...

Just catching up on your blog again. I've been a bad blog and blog reader :-). Can't believe how big Martha is now. Such a fun age.


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