Sunday, 6 July 2014

8 mth and 9 mths

I am horribly behind in blogging, since i can't do it on my phone i really struggle to fit it in and get the laptop out and export everything. Alas i am here now. I am equally behind with Martha's 'months' posts.

As I appear to have got out the habit of blogging I'm just gonna try and fly through a few posts to get me back in the habit.

Right so May 23rd Martha turned 8 months which blows me mind. 

She is great at sitting up and rarely falls now. She has recently learnt to wave which is the cutest thing ever, well until the next thing right lol.

These months are slightly blurred into one, but she did start clapping just as she turned 9 months which is so cute and she does it all the time now, she isn't so keen on waving these days which is funny. 

She has the biggest blue eyes you have ever seen, so neither green like mine or brown like robs just yet, she is super blonde which again is odd like white blonde its funny, she actually has quite a bit of hair but its so fair you can't see it lol. 

This is her clapping. 

She's not as keen to lie down these days, she kinda does a half sit up as she can't actually get herself up. 

She continues to be fabulous and more amazing every day. 


Anonymous said...

She is one cute baby - and so happy!

Lucy said...

Ahh So sweet!
Do you make her little vests with the months on?

Anonymous said...



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