Saturday, 31 May 2014

Meanwood Farm

So last week I met with my chum Vic and her gorgeous girly, it was a very very wet day, we often go to a local soft play but fancied a change so we headed to Meanwood Farm  I hadn't been before but had always meant to. I was pleasantly surprised that it was only £1 each to get in, free for children under 2, 50p for those over two. 

It had been warm for a while but today we pulled out the jeans for the first time and some jumpers that are 3-6 but still pretty big for my 8 month old. 

we went for the sling today as i wasn't sure how muddy it would be, it was great in the rain, she wore her cute little raincoat from sainsburys, my favourite supermarket for baby clothes. 

So we met some goats. 

Violet was super brave, these goats were hungry. 

Martha wasn't too fussed lol but looked at everything. 

now she did really like the brolly, we have never used one really as its hard to push a pram and have a brolly but she thought it was great and kept looking up at it, it was super cute. I love the sling, it means i can kiss and slobber on her, saying that i love pushing in her in pram too, love it all. 

there was a gorgeous bunny Jack, jumping around the courtyard, he was super friendly. 

we met sheep and tiny tiny chicks, there were tons and tons.

We stopped to give the kiddies some lunch. I have started Slimming World again so i resisted everything. whoop! 

the ducks were playing at the park lol 

and then had a chat by the puddle. 

and time for a grp shot. 

violet was a fan of my brolly too. 

and they both fell asleep on the short journey home. 

aww my little baba. 

So we had a great few hours out and will def go back and would really recommend it if you are around and about, its a 'urban farm' so its like at the bottom of a normal street its funny.

They also sold eggs 12 for £2 and they had a plant sale so fab.

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Mel said...

We went on Friday for a family day out and all really enjoyed it! Thanks for the recommndation . I plan to post my pics later this week as I took them all with the big camera. Love that Martha loved the brolly. So cute!


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