Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Current WIPS

Hi all sorry for the gap in blogging, my app is playing up on my phone so i have to drag the laptop out which i rarely do, will try and schedule some posts now.

So with Martha continuing to nap in her cot i have found time to do a bit of knitting and hooking which has been jolly nice.

I started this Granny Stripe blanket for my friend Anna who is having a baby in late July.

She is having a surprise so i kept it neutral and i thought she might want 'softer' colours so this is what i came up with. I have finished this but need to sew in the ends and photograph it. 

Watching up with the Must Stash podcasts, one of my favourites. 

I normally pick 4 colours and do 4 repeats. 

I started some dk socks, after a little bit of a false start (they were huge) but working quite well now on a smaller needle. 

I started a big old knit. Neon  I have made this before and i love it but i wanted a one that will go with everything, this is a big complicated knit so this will be a slow slog but no hurry. 

i started another baby blanket for my other friend who is also due in July, she likes bright bright bright. Again another surprise! 

doing some picking of colours, hard not to make it too girly or boyish, got a bit of pink and a bit of blue but think its a good mix, i have 8 colours so just doing 2 repeats to make the standard size. I generally 'cast on' 99 sts for a baby blanket. 

And thats what I'm working on at the min, I am enjoying some hooking, I have offered to make a blanket for my local children's centre which will be raffled off, another neutral so will get working on that once i have finished this one. Busy Busy.


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