Thursday, 15 May 2014

Coton Manor

Hi, so I mentioned the other day that after Katys wedding last month we made a little detour n the way home, well we went to Coton Manor . It was such a nice sunny day we didn't want our little trip to end so took a detour off the motorway. 

I have to say I wasn't exactly on board when we drove through Northampton city centre and seemed to drive to the back of beyond, it didn't help that Martha hadn't slept and should have you know blah blah blah. 

But when we got there it was super super pretty 

The blossom was out in full force which was beautiful. 

Martha got to stretch her little legs, well kick them mainly. 

I love her Little Bird top, super cute but quite small fitting even on my little dot. 

They had loads of animals, such as pigs 


loads of ducks etc 



she liked these, in theory we should have had her in her sling coz she got heavy as we carried her around. These are the first time she has seen most of these animals so that was exciting.

you can't really see but there was a gorgeous puppy sausage dog, i very nearly put him in the pram.

So there you go a little random stop off, if you are every in the area then stop by its super pretty and sure its even better in the summer when all of the flowers are out. 

Oh yes there is a cafe and plants for sale and ice cream. 

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