Monday, 12 May 2014

Wilma Shawl

Hi all, so today I am sharing a FO (finished object), in Oct 2012 i cast on the Oaklet shawl I bought a yarn in memory of my gorgeous bunny Wilma who we lost in July 2012 when she was far too young. It was the perfect grey which was exactly the same colour as she was. 

Well this has been on the needles for a LONG time, its been reflected and looked over and left for far too long, but i am vaguely attempting, well actually no i am trying really hard to get some of my longstanding WIPS down.

So I worked super hard and these rows got really blooming long but alas about a weeks hard work of just knitting on this and its done. 

This is just the amount of lace i can manage without messing it up, I am so pleased with it, normally i have had to increase or decrease somewhere because it went wrong but alas not on this one yay. 

I did sadly cast it off too tightly but you know never mind. 
I would really recommend this pattern, its free and pretty darn easy and this lovely grey should go with everything. 

I got my Wilma yarn from LAAL BEAR

And for those who are new to my blog or who don't remember my gorgeous bunny.

This was the beautiful Wilma who we still miss lots. 

I have got quite a few things finished so I will be sharing them between all the other catching up posts.

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