Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Wool and stuff

Hi, just popping by to share with some things i have been working on. I don't get much time anymore sadly, i look forward to my evenings, (and i am very grateful martha goes to bed well and i have a evening) but then they arrive and I'm normally a bit too pooped, or if i do manage something its very little. I also appear to have fallen into the black hole of cross stitch and don't get my started on scrapping or project life.

But alas this is what is going on now. 

I have made some progress on my afterthought heel socks, but i appear to have forgotten the measurements i need for my foot, so its a matter of measuring my foot, looking at the pattern and then asking my chum Hannah to tell me what to do lol.
I must do this, then you know knit the other one. 

right here, i am making a granny stripe baby blanket for a friend having a baby in the summer, well actually i need to make a few of these. 

the pic on the right is Emissary A cute 4 ply summer cardi for my girl, prob silly doing 6 nth size given the rate i knit these days.

bottle left is this which i have made before for martha but wanted one in the next size.

middle pic baby beanie more on that later

the last pic is a bit of a merge of patterns, the links are both here

so i cast all of these on in a week and barely touched them since. 

i may also appear to have bought some wool 

Yarnfair Stripes i got this in Wilkinson, its self striping which is great and was £1.35 a ball, i was thinking be great for DK socks and maybe some baby hats. 

i added a few more balls of style craft, i need 3 neutral blankets so needed more neutral. 

im loving this colour 

this is a new find, again self striping, yes I'm a bit addicted and this was cheap, though i hear Kemps have it for £4.99

so the hat i was making for martha was going well given it was just round and round.

So i got here and did my decreases, then it was too short, i decided to frog it rather than just start another. 

so i frogged it and added another inch. 
I haven't got a pic of her in it yet, i haven't tried it on yet

SO there you go, whilst i am rather slow these days i am still knitting.

Im thinking of selling a good chunk of my scrapping stuff, mainly punches and stamps etc if anyone will be interested i can do a post with some pics. 

Right bedtime is nearly here so i best hurry. 

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Clareio said...

i'd definitely be interested in looking at some of your scrappy stuff! I suddenly have time and inspiration but not enough to buy things!

Martha is so SO cute in that half-hat!


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