Thursday, 3 April 2014

1st Mothers Day

Hi all. I thought I would pop by and share some pics from my first Mother's Day.

I have to say I was rather excited the night before, almost like a birthday. So nice to have my 'birthday' not in the depths of winter.

Luckily rob was off work. I had one request for the day, I wanted to go and take Martha to the swings.

We started the morning with doing her 6 mths photos which we were a week late on doing but they are gorgeous. As ever.

This one is going on a canvas I think. Love it.

She's always got her mouth open like a little puppy.

Another favourite.

So we then headed to the park.
We are trying to use her pushchair more and not just the car seat but when u drive most places it makes more sense

Martha seemed pretty happy anyway lol.

Once we waited for the rough kids to leave we had a go.

Martha is wearing her new cardi that her auntie Nicky made her.

Weeeeeee. She's still a bit little and needs propping up.

We went on a bouncy thing too


We then used the gorilla pod attached to the pram (genius) to do some family snaps.

Cutest people I know!!

Me & my girl

I had been looking at photos from last march as that's when we had our first scan etc

What a difference a year makes.


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Mel said...

Definitely. The time goes too quickly. Can't believe I'm back at work next week. Sad times! Great pics!

Hannah2 said...

Happy 1st Mothers Day! Love the pics especially the last one.

hotpotato said...

lovely photos. Martha has such bright blue eyes.


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