Thursday, 27 March 2014

6month in - 23.3.14

Last weekend my tiny little baby turned 6 months. I'm a little unsure how this happened.

Oh my gorgeous tiny baby. If I'm honest, this age feels like a blur, I think, (pardon my French) I was so buggered & bewildered even from the birth that these days feel hazy.
Whilst tiny newborns are gorgeous, I also feel quite glad I'm not back there again.

I do feel like I have come one million miles since then, I emailed myself the first week she was born & when I read them now I 'hear' just how much of a mess I was.

People ask me if it's harder than I thought it would be, I never really know the answer, I think the think that shocked me is the emotions relating to it all, I'm not much or a crier, I'm really not. So to cry for days and days after she was born through me. Thankfully now it's more crying coz she's so lovely and we are so lucky, thou yes some days it's not lol.

Without wanting to be too deep, I cannot believe that we are 6 mths 'in' the days fly by, one week after another just go by so quickly.

Right now we have introduced some food, we are still learning to sit up, she sleeps well at night, sometimes she sleeps through but rarely, we are still working on day naps, this girl likes her mammy or daddy or someone who is willing to cuddle her to sleep lol.

She is a happy little baby, she's happy a good amount of the time (minus teething).

The next 6 mths (& beyond) are gonna have huge changes, it's a bit scary, and I just hope my little Martha stays as happy and content as she is.

There we go, back with some knitting news soon as aware not everyone wants to hear me waffle about my baby, but sometimes you have to get it out.

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Julia said...

Hi Rachel So pleased to stop by and see little Martha's photos. She looks such a beauitful, happy baby! Enjoy every second. One minute they are a tiny bundle in your hands and the next they are 15!

hotpotato said...

She's gorgeous. Yep it'd be handy if they came with instruction manuals, but hey ho we learn as we go along. My babies are now 23, 21 and 19 and I too wonder where the years/time has gone, so enjoy Martha while you can.

Anonymous said...

Well I love to hear about your dear baby - she is gorgeous! However, I love your knitting news too!!
Wishing you many more happy days with Martha.
Carole R


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