Friday, 1 November 2013

Project life

Quick in the middle of the night blog post. 

I have been really conscience to keep up with project life since Martha arrived. I take about a million more photos a day and I already took a fair few. 

But I have somehow managed to get all my photos printed and in the right order for the last 5 weeks. 
I used an insane amount of page protectors on the birth story first week section but it seems to have gradually calmed down. 

I haven't actually scrapped any of it but all the photos and journaling cards are there. 

I got the last couple of weeks done during a nap time the other morning. 
I have been using a collage app on my phone and normally when I'm stuck on a feed I construct them. Thanks to tesco finally printing direct from iPhones I tend to just pay over the odds for them then I have then there and then. If I want a fair few then I use Photobox. 

So a few pics 

Yes I scrapped in all the mess

Just needing journaling and prettying up. 
Speaking of which. I treated myself to a order before my stupid mat pay kicked in

And I ordered a diary. Called a Toad Diary ( google it) this allows u to start the date when u want, mine starts oct and I have the dates on one side and a grid to plan it on the other very handy when days blur together. 

Well hope my late night waffle makes some sense and the posts on my phone look ok, better than none at all right??

Oh cute photos of Martha before I go In her Halloween outfit? Ok!

Gorgeous right? 


hotpotato said...

she's so cute and look at those chunky thighs, you must be feeding her well.

Tillie TeaCakeMake said...

Loving the new stash and Martha looks super cute in her Halloween gear!!


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