Monday, 28 October 2013

Life at 1 Month

Gosh! Life has changed completely in the last month, which of course it would. I now think 3 hours sleep in a row is great!

Nothing can quite prepare you for the amount life changes and no matter what anyone said to me could prepare me. But we are learning what our new life is and we are getting there. 

I admit I am finding the recovering process a lot harder to deal with than I ever thought. Well I did and I didn't but dealing with a baby and feeling like you have been hit by a bus is pretty new. 

But we are getting there with the help of family and friends. 

As for Martha, well she is completely perfect, she's so alert and interested in what's going on, I can't believe how much she's come on in the last month. 

We did our little shoot last week, the 23rd and there are a million gorgeous pics. 

And us 

am trying a iPhone app in the vague attempt to keep up with my blog. It's just such a hassle on my laptop so will see how this goes. 

Back soon x 

1 comment:

hotpotato said...

gorgeous photos, she is so much like you Rachel. Having a baby especially your first is a body shock but you do get there and as you said you have the fab support of family and friends. It is a learning curve as no one can prepare you for having a baby and being parents we learn on the job. Love to you all. xx


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