Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Life right now!

Hi all, thank you so much for all of your kind comments on our new arrival, I loved reading them all. 
So yeah i have been a bit busy since we last 'chatted' Life is hectic now, I seem to have time for very little really so here is a bit of a catch up on life right now. 

My new thing is to play on the internet during night feeds, mainly ebay where i found a great seller and they made me this fab muslin, we love it and have since ordered some as gifts for all of the babies being born at the min. 

We went on our first pram walk which was jolly exciting but freezing

i managed a bit of knitting 

reading, i have done quite a bit, whist feeding a baby or being pinned to the sofa is a great time to sit and read, i think i read a book in about 3 days last week so yes awesome. 

obviously tiny gorgeous half naked baby in my bed

we got her registered

i started some halloween socks that have a very slim chance of being ready in time

i mastered the art of knitting over the top of her

we took blurry family pics 

martha turned 2 weeks old last week 

she modelled some knitwear and we learnt a nasty lesson in sick and wee on knitwear, i have given her a talking to and she promises to try harder in the future. 

we sit and listen to audiobooks in the day which we enjoy lots

my socks grew

baby girl wore gorgeous socks 

olive had a little run around 

i managed a yummy breakfast 

she wore a gorgeous but impractical outfit (buttons down the back, not even poppers but obvs gorgeous)

at the weekend we made a snap decision to go up to my parents and martha met her great granny and grandad 

i managed to squeeze my engagement ring out, not my wedding ring yet but soon 

i baked cakes, i wanted to feel like i could do something again so made tea and cakes 

martha modelled more knitwear 

our sling arrived, not tried it out too much but its fab so far, its a connecta

oh have i shown you have cute her feet are?

or her hungry face?

or her crying face? 

Right sounds like im needed again after a lovely couple of sleeping hours where i have ordered a million things online in an attempt to get back on track with project life.

Duty calls, be back when i can 

Rach x


hotpotato said...

Glad things are going well for you, Martha is oh so cute and I love all her baby knits. Might I add you look very well. x

Barb Baines said...

Looks like you are doing well with Martha. She is a pretty little thing. Congrats again.

Barb Baines said...

Looks like you are doing great! Martha is a beautiful baby. Congrats again!

Mel said...

I somehow missed your announcement - confrats. She is a cutie and Martha is a lovely name - one of my good friends is called Martha and she is lovely too. It sounds like you had a tough time if it like me - induced and possibly a c-section? I realise I never replied to your previous message I would love to meet up with you as I think we would have loads in common as well as our babies! My email is so drop me a line when things settle down. P.s I became totally addicted to instagram and fb during the night feeds! X

Jo said...

Awww, she's just so gorgeous, makes me feel very broody. I bet it was quite emotional seeing your granny and grandad with her, none of my grandparents got to meet my children.

Louise Ingram said...

She's so beautiful! Did you make the stripey cardigan? It's lovely, what pattern did you use?


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