Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Catch up at 5am

OHi all. Another night feed post for you. I'm planning on writing a baby knitwear post soon on what I've found best knit wear wise for Martha but I need more than one hand at 5 am. But for now I thought if just share some cute pics 

Gorgeous gift off from robs auntie 

This is a couple weeks ago

Hee hee
I've been home a fair bit which is lovely 

Martha met her first dog

We hung out 

We have been saying goodbye to some of her gorgeous newborn clothes 

But enjoying new ones 

We have had hard days & are very much learning on the job. 

Martha turned 6 weeks this week and whilst it certainly feels like she has been here for longer than that I need to remind myself we are both very very new at this whole baby business and we won't know exactly what the hell we are doing just yet. 

One more before I go 
Giving olive a run for her money lol 

Until next time x 


Jude said...

Martha is such a beautiful baby. And the 5am starts will soon be a distance memory. :-) (Although they'll probably return in 20 years when she's finally coming home after a night out. lol)
She looks adorable in her rabbit suit and the Ladybird is cute too. I don't think you will ever stop learning - mine are all grown up and flown the nest and I'm still learning - mostly when to keep my mouth closed, and when I am allowed to say something, these days! LOL Just keep doing what feels right.

Unknown said...

Lovely photos, it's lovely to see how Martha is developing. Liz x

Mel said...

Very cute!

Kirsteen said...

Aw bless her - Martha is gorgeous. And way to go you blogging with a 6 week old. I don't think I blogged for a year after I had my second :) (I don't think I even had a blog with my first!). I bought the same ladybird suit for my little niece - it's lovely. You'll find your feet soon and then she'll go and change it all up again - they're like that lol xxx

hotpotato said...

oh so cute. It is a big learning curve Rachel, but we get there in the end and it's well worth it.

Nicole said...

Aw Martha is very cute! I love her little face where you're holding her she looks so happy! :)

Hannah2 said...

Gorgeous pics and cute outfits!


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