Sunday, 10 November 2013

Knitting talk

Hi all. Thought I would update you on what I've been knitting lately. 
I have to say it has obviously been a huge change going from knitting every second of every day to barely knitting at all. 
Martha is pretty good and will happily lie on her mat and kick or sit in her swinging chair while I do a couple of rounds. 
But yes big change ( a baby will do that) & I will happily admit it does stress me out I can't knit. Big alas lets not moan & see what's been on & off my needles 

I knit a little hat for my friend Kirsty's baby boy Fin, if you have enough cushions and angle it right you can totally knit over a sleeping baby, much slower but you know. 

Oh and again while watching a podcast. 

Martha was shocked to discover this hat wasn't for her. Yes I do love this pic. 

Finished, no I don't know how to turn it the right way. Just waiting on a pics of it on her wee man as she calls him ( she's v Scottish) 

Next I picked up a hat I started for Martha before she arrived. So off I went with a bit of colour work. I adapted the snowflake pattern from the Xmas stocking I'm making her and just made it into a hat. 

Then it was done. I shouldn't have fine reverse stocking stitch as its made it a bit big at the bottom but I normally cast on 64 for this size and to make the snowflakes work I needed 70! 

It wasn't as huge as I thought actually. 

After this I tackled another long outstanding WIP, this was all the same night, Martha slept from 5pm- 8.30, then 9.30 on. Was madness and I jumped on the chance to knit. 

This is In threes, something that was for Halloween ish time. I thought I had got past the sleeve cast off for this but I really hadnt. Bummer. 

But I worked on it exclusively till it got to this stage. The it was done. But I haven't got any pics

Once that was finished I picked up Martha's Xmas stocking no had got quite far on this before she arrived. We were pretty sure of her name but didn't want to tempt fate or anything so I stopped. 
But I had a hour or so free baby time so tackled this. The pattern came with a chart for 2010 so I had to chart her name out myself 
It took several attempts 

This is how I started 

And done. Quite proud of myself

I'm currently at my parents so been getting on with it here I have finished he stripes and now onto the heel

So I think not too bad actually. It's certainly not like it used to be but I'm pretty proud of myself. 

What have u been knitting lately?

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hotpotato said...

Oh I just love the look on Martha's face when you are trying out the unfinished hat on her, so cute, she's gorgeous.


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