Saturday, 16 November 2013

A trip to the park

Hi all. So I have been slowly creeping back into driving and getting out and about. Where I live there isn't much in the way of pretty places to walk to. Lots of up and down curbs etc
So the other day after Martha was completely resisting going to sleep I bundled her up and put her in the car. I took her carrycot so she would sleep better and took some pretty pics. 

The sun was super pretty. Think this was Tuesday, I can't remember. 

I went to Roundhay park, and walked round the lake. Martha fell asleep pretty quickly and I listened to my latest audiobook and stopped on a bench every now and again. It was pretty nice. 

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Turns out parks are muddy. I could barely move the wheels, I got a stick and tried to unclog them. 

I walked past the steps I walked up and down in an attempt to get baby out

I was feeling pretty proud of myself that she stayed asleep

I even got her to stay asleep while I got her in and out of the car and from the car seat into the Moses basket, where I was sure she would wake immediately. Alas she stayed asleep for another hour or so, now if I'd have known that I would have gone to sleep but I didn't know so I didn't. 

So here was me thinking id do the same the next day, by the time I got to the park Martha was asleep in her car seat so I thought best not risk putting her in the carrycot. So off I went. I found as I was stomping up the hill that I forgot my headphones for my audiobook. Gutted. Yes the quiet was nice but my book is better. 

I stopped for a whole 30seconds to sit and eat a twirl, this is when she woke up. And did not go to sleep. I walked and walked, tbh feeling pretty darn lonely only like. There are so many dog groups and just everyone else seemed to be with friends, family etc so I was a bit like meh!! 

She then didn't sleep after that. So I guess you win some and loose some. 

I'm looking at groups in an attempt to get out more and not go crazy on your 'own' all day, as its just a huge change. I'm pretty good on my own, I love just sitting and watching films and knitting but of course this is hugely different with Martha too. But it's all part of this learning curve I'm on, which seems to knock me on my ass every couple of days. 

Right it's tea time. Quick pic of where we are with Martha 


Jackie Pocock said...

She is a sweetheart. Taking little trips out is good for you both and joining any baby groups you can is a great way of meeting new friends who are in the same position as you.

Time at home on your own is just as lovely as you will be spending that time bonding with your little one which is priceless.

hotpotato said...

You need to find a mums and tots group of some kind and then you will find other mums are feeling and going through what you are. I ran a mums and tots group for 10 years when my children were young, it was a god send for alot of the young mums and some came to realise others had the same problems, worries etc they had and to just talk about them helped. x

5 Ladybird Lane said...

It's a good idea to join a few baby groups, I know it helped me, gave me a little bit of routine (and someone to chat to over a cup of tea!!) sarah


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