Saturday, 14 September 2013


Hurray its finished!

This is Neon

You have all heard a lot about it but its finally done. 

This is a lovely lovely pattern and i would really recommend it. 

I went for short sleeves mainly because the lace pattern was quite a pain in the round and i couldnt do with the hassle, yes i know all that work but i will wear it over long sleeved tops when i can fit into 'normal' clothes again. 

But for now it does quite a good job of fitting despite be being erm this size.

It blocked out super super long as i guess lace does but its not so lacy so i was surprised. 

But I am really pleased with it and this was a big tick on my list of things i wanted finishing before bebe arrived and now its done hurray! 

see the lace is pretty right? Im terrible at lace but its just 3 stitches on the knit row and 3 on the purl so even i can manage that. It has been compared to Laika which i have knit and remains one of my favourite knitted items though was hard. But i think this is far easier than Laika, the pattern is really well  written and i get confused easily lol. 

So yes go and make it now!


Nicole said...

It's a lovely pattern & you've done a great job, congratulations! And it looks really nice on you :)

hotpotato said...

very pretty cardigan.

Kit said...

Lovely cardigan and such a nice colour choice!
I need to make more handmade items for me :)


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