Thursday, 12 September 2013

1st-8th September

Hurray its September i dont appear to have said that yet!

yes i do feel like i have been waiting for it to be September for all of my life, and no I never exaggerate  ever!

September started off jolly nice with a rather early morning from this cutie.

When you knit hats often you think, geez this is huge its gonna be massive, which is the decision me and vic had actually come to the night before so naturally i needed to try it on her. 

Violet has just learnt to walk and its maybe the cutest thing ever, so she toddled off with the hat on her head which was on the needles still and the ball of wool attached.

I soon wound her in though, and it fit just fine. 

Vic was going on holiday the next day so did her nails while i watched V oh and Olive

Violet has her own bunny (who is slightly more wiling than Olive to play)

But they were very good and Olive and Violet were both very gentle and very very cute. 

On monday we went back to stupid Ikea (i had fallen out with it a few days earlier)

Whilst having a new build it great and all there is bugger all storage so off we went. 

I had a nice little lie down while rob did some building and we watched a bit of Disney, coz thats what we do. 

Olive had been dying to get in on the action all day but with so many little bits around we had to wait till the evening before she could 'help'

We got a little bookcase for next to babys cot to put all her wipes etc on.

And we have a set of drawers for our hallway instead of a table that just had a load of crap on, we figured babies come with a lot of stuff so need somewhere to hide it. I dont seem to have a photo of these but they are nice and i am 'allowed' a draw for winter knitwear such as hats, mitts etc so they arent just dumped in a pile, see we are trying lol. 

I started a new project that i probably should have really but it was pretty so tough. 

This is Turret

I finished a little Autumn hat

I finished my socks a couple of weeks ago after having them on the needles for AGES, for some reason i thought a good time to do my FO pics was when i was home alone and had to try and get the socks on myself and get on the floor by myself and up by myself, seriously the simplest of things such as this has become really bloodly hard. 

But TA DA! done! 

I sat and watched a little Home Alone and maybe a little Miracle on 34th Street too. 

I finished a hat which is a xmas present,  Ive made this before and its a sweet pattern

I finished a batch of pumpkins. 

I turned 39 weeks and forgot to do my photo till bedtime which is why it is naf lol 

I had a little visitor, this is gorgeous Jack who was as good as gold on his visit. 

I started a new secret project, I think i may be mad but i made a ton of progress on day on this so quite pleased. 

I went out for a curry and a pint (of pop) with Rob

I decided it was time i picked my long neglected Clapotis up, I made one of these before in 2010 ish and i cast this is we flew to LA on our honeymoon so have been on a mission to get it finished. And i know its the kinda project that does just get left and its a bit fiddly post baby, who knows though maybe not but i wanted it done. 

I am have bought my very first Self Striping Yarn, hubba hubba!!

On my 'clapotis' day i got 7 inches done which is more than i have done on it erm ever. 

See its all big, can you see the stitch marker on the left just after the point? Thats where i started the day before, i find adding a stitch marker to track how much progress im making much more motivating that knit for XX inches

Rob had a few days off so we got some baby tech sorted. 

We went to the cinema to see About Time oh and it was just fabulous, I really really liked it, happy and sad but not too sad and just lovely, i keep thinking about it days after which is always a good sign isnt it?? Go and see it if you can, its just come out so should be round for a while.  

We did some waiting this week. 

Olive did some being cute 

I may have done a tiny bit of shopping, these were too cute to leave behind. 

I received this gorgeous photo from my friends Kirsty brand new baby, man I love seeing babies in my hand knits, cant believe i shall have one of my very own soon, isnt he just gorgeous. 

Sadly kirsty practically lives in the North Pole so I doubt i shall get to meet this cutie 

On saturday Rob went to a 30th birthday at the Races, I was good and didnt have the baby while he was gone, oh those are the drawers we got in the hall i mentioned. 

He wore his wedding suit which was nice, the day before our anniversary. 

i did a bit of cross stitch while he was gone. 

and caught up on my Project Life hurray!!!!!!!!!!

And thats everything all caught up apart from the week we are on now. 

Right next up you all wanna see if i have finished Neon right??

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