Wednesday, 11 September 2013

26th Aug.... ? Maybe

I admit I am quite lost on what week is what photo wise lol

I think this was the end of August but who knows.

So on a monday recently lol I sat and made a million project bags, I have had loads of random bits of fabric lying around so spend quite a happy couple of hours making them into bags. 

I starting putting new frames up on our stairs then my lovely neighbour popped round and helped, shes much taller than me and her belly doesnt hit the wall when she does this lol.

They still dont have photos in but they are up which i like to think is half the battle right?

Ah these are all the bags i made,  I doubt i will use them all so may use some for little gifts. 

I started something a bit xmassy for baby

I did a bit more on my hot air balloon. 

I made pumpkin hats

My days generally look like this, yes i am I am lucky, lots of knitty things and knitting podcasts. 

I started a little something, I thought i will just get to X part of the pattern and before i knew it i had been knitting for hours and hours. 

This is Driftwood and is knit with the Noro i got the BRE season launch sale the other week and some really old Wool of the Andes i have had forever. 

yes this this become the project i focused on for days 

And this is how it looked by the end of the day! Yeah i pretty much didnt move and was SO proud of myself for getting so much done. This is part of the 'post baby' knits as i am calling so now it is joined n the round i just need to knit round and round. 

A little plan we had for when baby is here is to have changing things on every floor, we have 3 floors in our house, not sure if you knew but we do, and we have a expedit on each floor, so in the living room we now have a draw with baby essentials in, so they are nicely tidy for the time being. Her room on the 2nd floor obviously has them and some in our room on the top floor which is where she will 'live' while she is ickle, so yes i made up expedit drawers. 

My mam came for another visit and i got to work on another hat. 

I had a yummy rissotto it was yummy. 

We had some cheeky cocktails obvs non alcoholic 

Then my mam made us some chicken soup (her speciality) in our preparation for the batch cooking mission we had planned. We know when bebe comes its hard to find the time to eat/cook so we have been planning on batch cooking. 

Vic and V popped round in time for rob getting in from work too, my mam completely loves V she is super cute. 

I did more knitting

I attempted to catch up on Project Life, this has been on list 'do before baby arrives' along with a million other things. 

Ah i turned 38 weeks pregnant, had a non eventful mid wife app, yet still pregnant see you in 2 weeks!

On friday Rob was off so we went for batch cooking supplies. 

I was on chopping duty, this mainly involved me sitting at the kitchen table while rob did all the 'meaty' hot over the cooker jobs. 

I dressed bumpy up as a sheep lol 

We made tons, i think we were in the kitchen about 5 hours, it was hot!

and this is our final list, everything started in lovely tupperware dishes and soon had to be transferred into freezer bags as they wouldnt all fit in the freezer

I started my PL catch up 

and we had a very frustrating trip to Ikea, but more on that next time. 

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