Monday, 9 September 2013

1 year in

No Ive not vanished, I seem to get on top of my blog then loose it again lol. 

But alas i am here and yes baby is still in my belly.

So yesterday was our first wedding anniversary.

We cant quite believe it has been a whole year, it has gone very fast but then it feels like ages ago at the same time, admittedly i have been pregnant for most of our marriage.

Apart from the whole being pregnant we have had a pretty 'easy' year, we dont really argue, rob is awesome at biting his tongue and will rarely react if I have prob crossed the line lol.

It has been pretty similar to the last 9 years but now i have a new name which i would like to say I have got used to but I havent, I had my old one for nearly 30 years, I can manage when people say my whole name but Mrs in doctors surgeries (to which im there lots) just completely throws me. 

So yes these photos feel like a million years ago and i think i look funny coz i havent got this big belly, Its also weird we arent jetting away to our fabulous honeymoon tomorrow like we did last year.

The fact we are very soon (please please) going to be parents blows are mind still!

Yesterday we had a pretty quiet day, we sat and watched films and i knit while Rob put the finishing touches to a wedding photobook ironically, we got it last month and our internet is so stupidly slow its taken us literally all month to upload the photos. So yes lots of knitting, so much so my wrist really hurts, we had a fish finger sandwich for lunch and at 2.30 on the dot (the time we got married) rob ordered our wedding book lol 

Ah and we listened to our Walk down the Aisle song, everyone needs a bit of Nick Drake in their life. 

We got our act together and went to 'our bandstand' where we got engaged and had a little walk round the park. 

We told baby how much more she will enjoy the park when she actually comes. 

And yes we did not end up with an Anniversary baby.

We had a chinese for tea and watched more films lol thats about it.

I am going to schedule more blog posts now which is what i try and do each week (but fail) I would like to think at some point during the blog posts we will have a baby, that would be nice as I am rather large and slightly feel i have been pregnant all of my life.

But alas as people are so keen on telling me she will be here when she is ready/soon enough/ after doing lots of walking/curry eating/etc etc etc

I shall let you know lol


hotpotato said...

Happy Anniversary for yesterday. e and my hubby celebrated our 25th on Tuesday 3rd Sept......3 kids later and 25 years behind us, don't know where the time has gone as we've actually been together for 34 years now, since we were 14!

Nicole said...

Just wanted to wish you lots of luck as you come towards the end of being pregnant! You're doing well to carry on blogging, not that I speak from any experience but I imagine I'd just want to sit and be a well deserved couch potatoe :p

Hannah2 said...

Congrats on your first anniversary! Love that you had anniversary pics with baby bump! Hope things happen soon for you!


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