Sunday, 1 September 2013

Last Week 19th Aug....

Ok I am nearly caught up with my crazy blogging amount, sorry if you are bored lol. 

So this week was a tough old pregnancy week, I wont go into it but there are icky things in between all the 'fun' photos 

So monday I hung out with Vic as she was off work, so we 'crafted' and watched Harry Potter and ate chocolate. 

I made it my mission this week to put some serious effort into my Neon I seem to have these goals, baby cant come until i have done XYZ, seriously at this rate I will be pregnant forever lol 

On tuesday my mam came down for the day so we went out to lunch, Napa is my new favourite place. 

I love anywhere that does sweet potato fries. 

I took her to a wooly shop which is nearby, it was at this point i thought I would make something big for someone for xmas, again I am completely mad but alas. 

We spotted this gorgeous cardi, I had one when i was little which my mam still has (the pattern) but it starts in bigger sizes and this starts from birth yay! 

Ive been meaning to sort through some of my knits for a while but Im finding the more time you have the less you actually get done lol so my ma got to sorting while i sat and watched lol. 

She had a dig in my cupboard and hung up the 'first size' of knitwear.

Safe to say baby has lots and of course its very important not to 'miss' anything, i really dont want to come across some knitwear that we havent 'got to' and now shes too big for. 

My mam is the best 'folder' ever, I am shocking. 

I got some more length on my Neon, ive been working on this most of the week. 

Ah i turned 37 Weeks. Yes I am very round. 

Not unlike Mr Greedy 

I treated myself to some gorgeous new stitch markers to make up for those icky parts of my week.

I got them from this seller on ebay  quick postage and well packaged. 

I may have started some new socks in a happy happy colour from Laal Bear

On wednesday I went to the Season Launch at Baa Ram Ewe, since the Harrogate shop opened everything seems to be happening there so alas the season launch was there and DEBBIE BLISS impressive huh?
It was boiling but she was great and they did a lovely shout out, for 'would anyone like to give up their seat for a v pregnant lady' slightly red in the face but wouldnt have managed otherwise lol 

The shop was as busy as ever, and they had a sale on so i picked up a few things. 

including this Noro

Thursday was icky, but I got to see my mam and dad who came to look after me, my mam ironed all my bedding and made my bed and my dad went to the post office to post all of the 100s of birthday cards i hadnt got round to posting lol. 

More Neon love. 

Nearly there right??

On friday we went out for a meal with some friends. I cant recall the last time i was dressed and had make up on and was out at 8pm lol 

We had a yummy Curry, i only do Korma lol 

and returned home to the 'safety' of my beloved fan. 

I got even closer with my Neon, feeling pretty impressed with how much i got done on it this week. 

I looked at some patterns for my new Noro, i have 3 balls so gonna team it up with something else to do a stripe something, dont know which one though. 

Saturday I met my chum Charlotte and her gorgeous girl Lydia, 

We went out for lunch, Lydie loved my belly and must have asked me a 100 times when the baby was coming. 

We went to the park before it rained and rained, yet it didnt cool down. 

And we had some chilling on the sofa.

And that was last week like not this one but the one before lol.


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hotpotato said...

Not long to go now then. Make the most of your last weeks of YOU time.


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