Saturday, 31 August 2013

Nursery Update

So I thought i would share a few updates that has been going on in the Nursery, (i must do a proper post)

So weeks and weeks ago we got a huge wall sticker for babys room.

I think we got it from here

So we got cutting (a rare day to see rob is a 'sports top') and yes he is left handed he does not cut well lol 

So i did the cutting and he did the sticking while i sat in my rocky chair lol 

This thing is pretty big, there are tons of Etsy but mainly from the US and therefore naturally postage is a million pounds lol so finding them on a UK site is great. 

We got to pick the colours for the tree (its a tree if you hadnt guessed) 

And this is it all done. Its awesome! We love it so much. 

What I did a while ago was start to make some arm rests using the left overs from the quilt i made 

They were pretty much done but they needed something to keep them on the chair, i tried sticky velcro but it wasnt strong enough so i gave in and ordered some sew on velcro.

So i used some of the sticky velcro to the chair and stitched the other on the cushion.

Im not sure if i have said how i made this, i basically did it like a pillow and used really thick wadding it was a bit of a struggle through my machine but got there eventually.

As I was in the sewing mood i thought i would finally get around to covering the foot stool. 

I again used fabric that matched the quilt and now the arm rests. 

I kinda just measured the footstool and copied. 

Its not perfect but its done and I am really pleased with how it looks.

Lots of lovely ticks off my to do list. 


hotpotato said...

Love your wall art, your arm rests etc are fab too. When's your due date, I know you don't have long to go now?

Candace said...

Well done you have done a really good job

Nicole said...

Love the tree decal, I don't have (or need yet!) a nursery but I still want one :)


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