Thursday, 29 August 2013

Week ??

Im lost what week I am blogging about lol but never mind.

I decided I should make another hat for baby, I had made one before but was worried its a bit small so did my trusty old heart heat. 

I got it finished pretty darn quick. 

Inspired by the recent wedding i got on robs case to finish editing our Wedding dvd so now its al done. 

I picked up my cross stitch again.

And my socks which have been like this for weeks. 

I did a lot of podcast video watching (full list of my favourites on the right)

I made a little hat for my friends new baby girl, I must nudge her to blog so I can say more lol 

Olive became very clingy as we attempted to alter her diet. 

I put a serious dent in my socks, this is my 2nd one having finally finished the toes on the first. 

I started a tiny something for baby. 

I thought it might be cute to make baby a stocking. 

I cast on erm several things. Including some off my list 

This is my Gemini which i put a bit of a dent in.

Oh this is my fab tree i got in Saltburn, it needs a fun home which i am yet to sort yet. 

I spent the day with some cute babies and friends.

Hee hee, V does like to watch me knit lol 

I got my gemini past the lace part and its now on to the round and round 'baby friendly' bit i was aiming for. 

Robs bestie visited and brought baby a tiny jelly cat that looks just like Olive, though Olive doesnt have flowery ears

yeh i spent quite a lot of time knitting and watching podcasts, I'll be honest its pretty sweet. 

I attempted to work on my floor cushion, yes I am completely over this cushion and just want it to be finished, baby is not allowed to come until this is done. Which may mean she is never allowed to come lol. 

I loved my little bunny and her little fuzzy feet. 

Me and hubs went out for lunch well it was 3pm 

I got scared about the possibility of another hot week :(

And I picked up my monster again. So many WIPS!

So there you go another week down, another week closer to meeting baby. 

Another shout out again to ask if anyone has any good iphone apps they blog from? i cant always get to my computer and i find when i get behind its easier to do a quick catch up on my phone. 

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Nicole said...

Wow you've been so busy, where to start! I love the hearts hat, I've been having a go at fairisle so I think I could probably try this :)


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