Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A trip Home/Saltburn

WARNING- photo heavy!

So as mentioned on my last post i went home to my parents straight after the baby shower. 

I had had a busy few days tidying and sorting for the baby shower so had a nice lazy monday morning in bed. 

I got up for a few hours and when my dad went to bed to get ready for his nightshift i thought i would go for a little nap too, 3.5hrs later i woke up yikes. 

I went round to see my granny and grandad and tiny the dog. Yes we are aware we have the same expression. 

I had some yummy pizza for tea (and the rest for breakfast the next day)

I went to a knit night my mam and sis go to

I had a hot choc despite being boiling (new normal to be stupidly hot)

My sis sat on a interesting cushion. 

The sky was doing awesome things on the way home. 

Tuesday morning started with a big old drink of milk which how my days normally start.

I nipped to town with my sis and got these cutes for my room

My sis and my mam had the day off so we decided to go to Saltburn, we got CRAZY stuck in a traffic jam thanks to a accident very early that morning, seriously we were stuck for ages!!

We got there though, Living in Leeds i never get to the beach, the last beach i was on was in Hawaii.

But this beach was also very nice, very busy. 

This is bumpys first trip to the beach. 

We went to a cute shop and bought a few things. 

Saltburn Pier is well known for having been yarnbombed so here are a few of my favourties. 

It was pretty chilly on the pier which i thought was great, these 2 softies did not think so

cute arent they?

Yeh feeling pretty large.

There is a fab lift to the beach to save everyones little legs. 

few more pier pics 

We had chips on the beach after my mam stood in the longest line ever! And sat on a bench with a lady who was 104 so she was funny to talk to.

we took the lift back to the car

and met a gorgeous dog called Yogi, all i could think was wow i bet he has to be brushed lots!

how cute is this?


We also went to the local yarn shop which was a tiny drive away, some very nice things in there. 

Little collage for project life. 

I went to see my granny and gramps again before heading back, how awesome are my grandads sweet peas? i love them we didnt do sweetpeas this year despite them being my favourite. 

Tiny seemed to get very attached to me and kept putting his head on my belly lol 

Quick wonder to show baby bump my mams garden. 

So there you go thats highly likely my last trip up home till baby is here, it felt a bit funny how I am very unlikely to be back at my parents without being a mother, Yeh thats pretty big i have to say, I take the whole world whenever i go home (and its always commented upon) so god knows how much i will take when i take baby up lol.

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