Sunday, 25 August 2013

Baby Shower

Hi all, Geez I am so far behind with my blogging, this week has been a bit mental despite you know not doing a great deal, so i am going to schedule loads to catch up and it will help me feel better ok?

So we are kicking off with 3 weeks ago was this? 2 wow!

So 4th August 2012 was my Hen do, so I thought it would be fun to have my baby shower on the same date lol. 

So here this is last year. 

My sisters arranged my baby shower for me, i suggested some peeps that may wanna come ( most of which from the hen do)

So there are lots of pics... 

quick family pic before we start

My sis arranged some pretty tough games.

They decorated my house around me lol 

I/ Baby got some gorgeous Jelly Cat Bunnies from my sisters, we are big jelly cat fans and you know we like bunnies in this house. 

They arranged all the food

yes most food ends up down my top these days so i use bibs all the time. 

fancy fancy cup cakes 

very tricky baby naming game giving most people had just met each other that day lol 

my lovely godson and his mama also came, he thought it was my birthday bless him

so wow there were lots of gifts

gorgeous V was there


my sisters got this tree from my cousins wedding the week before and everyone wrote messages to baby, the best maybe from my Brother in law that said, I hope you are a girl after all this pink lol. 

My sis made baby an Elijah (also the name of my godson)

My Mil made baby a tiny teddy with movey arms and legs

my biggest sis made a fab nappy cake

Here is a close up of a quilt Nicky made and a cushion and elijah.

I love his little jumper, he is seriously perfectly made, my sister doesnt do 'winging it' like i would. 

We got many many lovely lovely things, few pics at the end. 

We tried to get a group pic like on my hen do but with no one to take it was pretty tricky and Olives run seems to be taking centre stage lol 

Quick addition of robs sis in a family pic.

I went home for a few days straight after the baby shower so had to wait before i looked through everything. 

Lets have a look.

My knitty pile is epic, there is a dirty rumour going round that just coz you knit you dont need knitted gifts. 

My mam has been on a tiny cute baby girl things mission so several are from her, a fab jumper from my friends MIL, a cardi from my friends mum, a fab cardi from my friend Gwen and a knitted rabbit, and a gorgeous crochet blanket from heather. 

I took the wrapping off my nappy cake but havent darent take it apart yet. 

Yeh i thought a collage would be better here. 

and a couple of big ones

Cripes right? Baby and me included is so very lucky, Im pretty proud to say this is all put away neatly in her room, her cot is full of toys now lol but i guess she wont actually be in there for a while. 

So there you go a awesome day, I am trying to do this in order time wise so will try and think what was next lol 


Unknown said...

Just noticed how pregnant Little Tin Bird was on the initial photo, it's coming up to TTB's first birthday next month and this year it's your turn to have a baby. Looking forward to seeing photos of your baby girl. You've looked really well during your pregnancy and sounds like you've worked really hard preparing all the beautiful woolies. I'm certain you and Andy will be brilliant parents. Liz x

Unknown said...

Just wish I could edit my previous post. Poor Rob, I called him Andy. Must have had a senior moment lol Lizx


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