Friday, 16 August 2013

Grown up knitting / Plan of Action!

So as my mat leave ticks by at a reasonably quick level, my little head cant help but wonder how on earth I will knit when baby is here. Im sure once she is here I wont care and i will happy to hold her for hours on end and wont be thinking about knitting, or so people tell me. But my theory is surely I am still the same person and I will still want to 'create' not to sound all 'arty'. 

So I have slowly been coming up with a plan of action. Wanna hear it? You cant laugh ok or say dont be stupid any free time will be taken up with XYZ.

So whilst I have been doing tons of knitting for baby (some would say far too much, i say nonsense) I have a list as long as my arm for things for me, and a good amount of them are garments which is foolishly in my giant pregnant state but alas clearly I am foolish.

So here is my plan, I am obviously aware time will be limited, so the biggest 'problem' with knitting is the rows are long and sometimes you need a good 20-30 mins to do a row, this just isnt gonna be practical, i hate doing it now so cant imagine i am going to be any more inclined in a couple of months.

So I am basically planning what I deem are 'easy' knits.

So I have cast this on a while ago and left it, this is Antler

I have decided to do this but instead of long rows back and forth I am going to steek it.

So basically I have cast on and done the rib and now its knit stocking stitch for like 12 inches or something mad like that, so thats easy to pick up and put down. 

See the plan forming?? 

This is how mine looks, well i think there may be another inch or so but thats the basic plan. 

This one I am a tad worried about, again i plan to steek it

I put this is my 'queue' in June 2011, why havent i knit it yet, this is a little more fitted there Antler is a bit more forgiving shall we say, so i will have a little think on this one, I havent put on a huge amount of weight but obviously am going to be bigger for a while so will see. 

Now looking at this it doesnt look exactly easy and plus its a Ysolda pattern and she isnt exactly known for her easy patterns.

But i have been plotting this out with my friend Gwen and as the measurements are taken from the shoulder and not the bust measurements i think we know what size i should make, So this may be a long shot as I am aware i may only have a few weeks or as many as 6 (lets hope not) but i thought if i could get past the fair isle bit (its top down) then i could just carry on with my round and round plan, again this is going to have to be steeked. 

This one will take the most time to get to the 'easy' bit but I can try right?

I am finding as i am getting bigger bigger i am less inclined to go and sew and just wanna knit, i am having lots of fun with my knitting at the min. 

I may or may not have just cast this on 

This has been on my horizon for a while, so again my plan is before baby comes to get that lace bit out of the way and just do a round and round body for a million years. 

This can be worn with the lace at the front of the back, it has like 4 inches positive easy so i have basically just gone for my old size and will take the hit if need be.

Obviously this is a bit summery but i dont care lol. 

I also have been thinking lots about socks lately, having been on a mission to finish a pair i have had on the needles since erm the beginning of time lol 

Im still not great at socks and have been looking for more patterns with a little interest but not enough to make me go mad, i really like these ones. 

I do my socks top down and use magic loop, i am thinking my next ones i need to experiment with the heel, i think i may try the afterthought heel which seems very good. 

These have also been catching my eye in an attempt to use some of my sock yarn.
They are a simple slipped stitch.

Snawheid has been on my list for far too long, i think this will need to be done sooner rather than later. 

This is Turret 

My chum designed this and I have been meaning to give it a go, it reminds me of the hitchhiker which i love because its worked bottom up and now massive lace rows which you often get with shawls, i think this needs to be cast on soon and will brighten up a winter wardrobe in a really bright colour. 

SO there you go thats my plan, I might be crazy especially as there are a fair amount of baby things i still want to do but you need a few goals dont you?

So I will see how i get on, I am nearly finished a pair of socks and quite nearly finished a monster i have been knitting (all of my life) for baby and the other things on my needles are full on garments or big shawls which need work but are big old projects so I can try.

I do of course have my floor cushion to finish, that is stressing me out a bit but think it will be very helpful when bebe does come and i need to catch up with my project life, i have all of July photos so need to finish the cushion so i can have my desk back to do it.

So yes, how did i have time for a job??

Oh yes i forgot to mention, I have added a million websites on the right, they are mainly podcasts i listen to and watch, i have started on video ones because there is only a certain amount of films you can watch in a day, but check them out.

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Sharondoubleknit said...

Thanks for adding the podcasts list, I'm looking for some new ones to listen to. Sounds like youa re making the most of your leave!


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