Wednesday, 14 August 2013

April 2013

Thought I would share a bit of scrapping coz i'm sure photos of me and my family are getting a bit dull lol

So April 2013, sorry have to make these pics bigger so i can see to write what was happening. 

So yes belly got bigger, I have done some hidden journalling the night before we went for our 2nd scan and our hopes and fears. 

Thankfully all was hunky dory

The month started with a rare trip to the pub as my friend Hannah was back visiting from Hong Kong, I went out for the day with my mam and sis, I went to a colleagues retirement do, i bought more neutral yarn, i felt myself getting bigger, i stopped by my LYS to pick some books i might want once we had the scan, and had a sunny breakfast in the garden, also a bit of shopping in Mamas and Papas.

Oh i caught stomach flu (that was not fun), i got new slippers, i turned 19 weeks ( I remember thinking i looked huge here lol how funny), I did my nails, i did a bit of wondering about baby, and then we found out she was all well and was a baby girl yay! Then naturally we went shopping. 

I got some lovely pink flowers from my folks, i did some baby sorting, i felt some proper wriggles, and went home home to go out for sunday dinner. 

i bought a big giant basket for my WIPS. i got bigger and bigger (sorry for bare belly shot) and rob turned into a ghost! 

ah and this is my first baby girl layout, i would like to say i have done many more but i havent lol 

Sorry for the photo quality i have clearly taken these through the page protectors and they are a bit naf.
Hope you are having a good week so far, I am doing very little which is just the way i like it, I am pooped this week.

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