Monday, 12 August 2013

Family Wedding

I cant say we go to a huge amount of big family functions and if we do its normally something i have organised at xmas in my house lol so it was nice to get all dressed up for my little cousins wedding.

So I left you with us getting ready for the wedding, so this is Friday 26th July.

So this is my little cousin Kat, I was 6 when she was born so she will always be my little cousin, despite the fact she is a mother and now a wife lol 

So we managed to get a few confetti shots, which you know are my favourite shots of a wedding. 

We did a couple shots outside the church, then we had a pretty big drive to the venue, we foolishly thought that it being on the way to leeds it would shorten our journey home that night, it did not. 

After nearly a hour in the car, which may not sound like a lot but when you are all dressed up and its hot and you have no AC you end up at the venue in a bit of a hot tizz!

Oh yes being 7 1/2 months pregnant made things erm less comfortable. 

The venue was Swinton Hall, and was very fancy as you can see, it was just hired for the wedding so just wedding guests, fancy!

So yes as promised a million family photos.

Obviously this is my granny and my sis Nicola (only I can call her Nicky, its like the law)

Oh and a huge thank you to Laura for my dress, i swear i got more compliments on this than my wedding dress, well maybe not but not far off lol 

these arent in order, this is later in the evening when it had cooled down. 

And of course we need 5 family photo as i delicately put it which means we kick all the guy folk out. 

speaking of the guy folk, there they are. 

me and sissy doing a 'posed' shot, well we think we are funny

oh a slightly different version lol 

 a Sissy shot

I have to say the thing about weddings is you very rarely see the bride or get photos lol so grabbed this while i could, doesnt she look fab. 

Ma and Pa 

and me and baby girl 

I sat for a good while under the parasols with my granny and grandad, did i mention it was hot??

managed to get a snap with the bride and groom and biggest sis. 

Ah there is me and he, rob all fancy in his wedding suit. 

the guys played bowls 

My bro in law played waiter. 

I very nearly melted during the meals/speeches etc I went to cool down on a seat in the hall but everyone kept stopping me to ask if i needed help so i retreated to my dads knee, coz you are never to big to sit on your dads knee, well i was a bit heavy but he survived. 

After recovering a bit in my folks room i was much happier 

Rob found a swing

and we did more shots, everyone had gone to their rooms by this point so just the odd person around lol 

we found granny and gramps on a sofa later on, yes i am rather squashing my grandad

fancy fancy

There didnt seem to be a full family photo taken so i attempted to get as many people as i could, there are a good few missing, but i tried right?

we had a little go in the photo booth before we left, i had lost rob at this point.

So there you go, i think i lasted a really long time, 10.30 actually then a hour to get home, i was blooming knackered for a few days but we had a great time.

So that was our one and only wedding of the year, funny how you have busy years and quiet ones, we had 4 last year i think which isnt many compared to some people, this year is all about babies it appears lol.

So there you go tons of photos of people you dont know lol


Clareio said...

I am the third of three people i know getting married this year, one i only know via the internet and the other is a guy Chris plays football with so nobody i know well enough to be invited... i wonder if its a 13 thing?

Nicola said...

Baby niece can call me Nicky but thats absolutely it ;)


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