Sunday, 11 August 2013


So a few weeks ago my parents very kindly paid for a night away at our 'wedding venue' we had been wanting to go away for a weekend for a while but with rob working funny shifts and my back not allowing me to travel far, my folks came up with the idea of while i was 'up north' for a family wedding we could stop on the way and stay here yay.

So we arrived thursday lunch ish time right in the middle of the hot spell we had/having. 

We had a nice little lie down to recover from the journey.

As we were near by we headed to Richmond, thats Richmond North Yorkshire not London.

I wanted to get chips and sit by the river, shame the chips are at the top of the hill and the river is at the bottom, that was a long steep walk in the stupid sun, yes its stupid, i hate being hot pregnant or otherwise.

yes the walk was long.

We got to the bottom and finished our chips and rob got a ice cream, hes clearly very excited about it lol, highly likely i said in a previous photo he didnt look happy enough lol, this isnt his normal face lol

I had a slush thing. FYI this is my new favourite dress, get used to it i wear it lots!

So hd a wonder down the river, it was super busy being such a hot day.

Naturally need some bumpy shots in my new favourite dress (mothercare should you need to know)

we did more walking, then i talked rob into going to get the car and fetching me, i think walking back up the crazy steep cobbled hill might have killed me so i sat and read my book. 

We got to the top of the hill just in time to catch this cute little shop and bought a pressie for baby, which i dont have a photo of but its a mushroom money box and is very cute. 

We headed back to our room and had a sleep, coz thats how we roll these days. 

After a couple of hours and apparently a crazy downpour we headed to take some pics.

It was so funny being here and it not being our wedding as silly as that sounds. 

This is our room at the top of the stairs.

Last time we were here it looked different

aww hi everyone!

We took the 'big camera' to get some other shots. 

We are excited to bring baby here and have the same photo here

Not that you can tell but this is the ceremony room lol. Feels like we have come quite far in the nearly 11 months we have been married. I cant believe that on our first anniversary we could have a baby. 

We headed into the restaurant and had some yummy dinner. 

then returned to my trusty best friend in our room and had a bubble bath and read my book. 

We woke up to a very sunny morning very similar to that of our wedding day, and it was my cousins wedding.

So we headed for breakfast and drove up to my parents to get ready. 

and this is us all ready.

I will do the wedding post next i think, I very much took the opportunity to have all the family together all scrubbed up and had loads of photos, my first proper photos with my family and my little (or not so little) bump. 

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