Thursday, 8 August 2013

Week 2 Craft Leave/Mat Leave

Hi all, I know i appear to have vanished, its surprisingly busy not working lol, so this is week 2 of mat leave/craft leave.

I had a unexpected trip to town on tuesday so popped to get some hospital pjs ready for my bag which is really need to pack. 

Ah i found my to do list, which is getting there, quite pleased with how it is looking. 

I finished a crochet blanket my friend asked me to make for her friend. Its not the biggest blanket but you know i have a very long list lol. 

I turned 34 weeks

My friend came round to see if its even slightly possible to make a garment while im this giant shape. 

i added a few more strips onto my floor cushion, must get a wriggle on!

I started a little something for baby girl. 

On thursday I went with Vic and Violet to Stockeld Park I've never been any other time than christmas, where it is then called Christmas Adventure land ( and yes I'm very excited to take baby girl this year)

So we had a lovely day there, it was a bit blooming hot but im stupid hot all the time now lol.

And this little pudding just gets cuter everytime i see her.  

there was loads of park things to play on, V was a bit small for most of it and i was a bit giant and we decided it would be odd if vic played on her own.

Yes this is us being a bit hot.

We went for what turned into quite a long walk through the enchanted woods and had a little sit half way round.

couldnt you just eat her??

We were all a bit pooped afterwards. 

I had a couple of lazy mornings in bed with my kindle. Must do a post on what i have been reading as i have been getting through a fair amount. 

I cast on a pumpkin hat and turns out i have made LOADS of these and feels good to finally cast on one for my bebe. 

I use this pattern I cast on 54 for newborn ish, then 64 for next size and you just go up by 8 stitches each time and I always use aran.  

Rob had a day off in the week, as he works weekends so we went out for lunch, we thought we would go in a booth, turns out i only had a inch to spare lol 

We went here for lunch, which had a great lunch time offer on, been meaning to go for ages. 

I had a yummy homemade burger and some awesome sweet potato fries, i love them. 

I got back to some pumpkin knitting when i got home

We had been doing jobs most of the morning so we then did a bit of baking coz my boy has the sweetest tooth ever. 

On saturday i went for a little hair cut, my hair has been growing pretty quick as its supposed to during pregnancy and i often debate with growing it then im like nah!

I had a massive sort in the living room ready for my baby shower the next day (thats another post)

I have a lot of stuff that is a fact. 

this is the wool i 'found' in just the living room, i know its been creeping up but even i was quite surprised with how much there was. 

I had a break from sorting and frogged a cowl i made a while ago that i completely messed up, i cannot do lace to save my life, this was fancy wool i got on our honeymoon and didnt just want to leave it all wrong and unhappy. This job took longer than planned. 

My little assistant was as helpful as ever. 

So next i tried to sort through the wool, a lot of my 'living room stash' is for certain projects so i divided it all up, i would say 98% of it is on ravelry, im pretty good at keeping my stash up to date coz its very easy to forget what you have when you cant see it. I binned some little scraps which is the end of the world for some people but when you have this much its just silly. 

olive got a bit fed up so stopped for a snooze amongst the wool. 

I eventually got it all sorted and have added another million patterns to the things i want to make baby.
Oh i also sorted my whole ravelry page into 'tags' so now they mostly have the year i made stuff, if its a hat/baby/adult/mitts/toys, you can see here should you wish, I have found it helpful and yes it did take ages. 

I got my pumpkin hat finished. Details are here  I always like to add a bit of length coz i hate seeing a hat that is a bit too small. I will probably make another one for baby as a 'back up' this is in cotton mainly because its hard to find a nice orange yarn in a aran weight but i have found another so will likely do her another. 

I worked on my 0-3 Vertebrae  4 ply is a long slog but its really nice. 

I made a little autumn cardi for bebe, again in the trust rico cotton i seem to make everything in lol 

I thought this would be a cute little set, i have another autumn garment plan that ive not started yet. 

Ah yes and this is how tidy it all looked by sunday morning before everyone arrived. 

This all feels so long ago already, I have been at my parents most of this week so will share those pics soon, I have babymoon pics, wedding, crafty, baby shower, loads of stuff to post yet. 

So keep checking back xx


hotpotato said...

did wonder where you had got to the past week.

Mel said...

Looks like your having lots of fun on your maternity leave. I'd advise you to pack a few nighties and some comfy lounging clothes like vest tops and yoga pants. Also lots of maternity pads, paper knickers and toiletries for you. For the baby lots of small nappies and get tiny baby or newborn vests and babygrows as 0-3 months is too small for a newborn. We learnt this the hard way!
Good luck! Hope your not overdue like me!


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