Monday, 29 July 2013

Week 1 Craft Leave/Mat Leave

Hi all so I thought i would share what i have been up to on my first official week off work, i cant imagine this is something i can keep up with but with a try huh!

So I have been trying to work through my WIPS, i have many as you can see on the right. 

Ive been giving my monster a bit of attention but even still it is going sooooo slow its driving me mad. 

I did a little bit of baking to break up the day, rob scoffed 95% of these lol

I worked on my Tiny Tea Leaves for a while that was half way through the body and had been there for a while, i stuck on a load of films and got cracking on it. 

I went to the depot and picked up my lovely Im on mat leave yarn i got from Laal Bear  the postman had done is all too frequent trick of not knocking on the door or ringing the bell on saturday. 

Me and Rob did some sorting out in babys room, we have lots and lots of clothes so i have done a inventory of what we have and im planning ( as i still havent done it) to pack the bigger clothes up so they arent all in the wardrobe at once. 

I used one of babys long sleeved 0-3 tops to see how long i should do the sleeves on another cardi i had in 'circulation'. 

So i got my Tiny Tea Leaves finished yay, i went for short sleeves because i am lazy lol, i have no idea what size this actually is but prob 1yr + Its a really cute knit and i have the baby baby version of the pattern so i might knit up a smaller size if i get time lol 

I went out to get my toes done with some fancy minx nails, pretty. 

I did a bit of yarn winding one day and remarkably and swift and ball winder all played ball, this is a slight miracle as everytime i have used it lately its been a bit fat pain. 

I got my little Kimono  finished and impressed i did long sleeves this poor baby has very few long sleeved things because i dont like knitting them lol, should prob invest in some long sleeved t shirts for her lol 

I also took a pic of a blanket i finished a couple of weeks ago, i was aiming to do a runner for the chair in her room but i wanted to use stash and this is as big as i could make it. 
Its a great size for a car seat so will prob use it for that. 

My friend Fran came round in the middle of the week and we got started on the giant floor cushion, its been too hot to work on this and have the iron on etc, so I set up a production line, she did the pressing so i didnt have to the iron and i did the sewing and we took it in turns to do the cutting. 

I think we got 30 strips done out of 70 so i'm planning to do a bit more of this today.

I have been loving my Audible books lately and listened to this one this week, i remember Turning 30 was one of the first book i got into so it was great to see Turning 40 was out lol 

Rob bought the baby a present, i love it when he buys her presents all by himself, its gorgeous isnt it?

Ah and i turned 33 weeks whoop! 

We also went away for the night and had a family wedding but they need to be separate posts as there are so many pics.

So I'm quite pleased with what i got done this week, i am really resisting casting something new one, i want to start a million things but being good, i am working on a baby cardi and a blanket i said i would make for someone at the min so hopefully have those finished next time i do a catch up. 

Right must get on 
Rach x

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