Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Floor Cushion FO

Hi all, now those have been reading a while know i have been making a floor cushion for erm several weeks shall we say.  

I have been following this tutorial 

Note to self- You were too pregnant when you started making this.

You live and learn though right??

My friend Fran (when she lived in Leeds (sob) had been helping me) then it got too hot and i couldnt stand being in the same room as the iron.

A few weeks ago my sis came round unbeknown to her to help.

My sis has a bad back, i can barely get on the floor so yes this made for a interesting afternoon. 

I dressed my bump up in my cushion LOL 

There was some sewing, I have done all the sewing on it but i needed helping with the whole placing of the pieces on the floor and pressing but you know.  

I learnt how to do piping 

Instead of buying expensive bags of stuffing i bought 2 double duvets from tesco and got the stuffing out of them, i actually then went and got a pillow too just for good measure. 

and it was nearly done, apart from the stuffing hole, and then it sat 

and sat

with this stupid hole which i knew wouldnt take long but i put it off again and again. 

then last week i finally sat and did it. 

TA DA!!!!!!

Hurray! I am so glad that this is done this has been a massive relief to have it done and ticked off my 'before bebe arrives' list hurray!

I think in hindsight (which we all know is a wonderful thing) there is no reason that this couldnt have been square/rectangle I do really like the circle and it does look impressive if i dare say but given i didnt start it till july and i was having lots of pregnant back problems and we were entering our hottest summer like ever i think i should have made it square. 

Trying to get all those points in the middle to line up is very difficult as you barely have any seam allowance. So if you are thinking you want one then i would maybe consider a square when then all you would have to do is cut the jelly roll in half and sew lots of straight lines. 

But i am beyond proud of it. 

P.S edited to say still no baby


hotpotato said...

well done, it looks fab.

Katie said...

Looks awesome! Best wishes for the arrival of baby :-)

Hannah2 said...

The cushion looks amazing! Well done on finishing it given the circumstances!!!

Clareio said...

but because you started it while pregnant, you have a nice cozy squishy cushion... perfect place to lay a sleeping baby for a nap ;)

Carly said...

Well done on finishing it looks lovely best use of Maternity leave I think :)

Susanne said...

Now that is so cool, I love it! Know all about being pregnant in cold winter weather and then again in the sweltering heat of summer...both many years ago. Good luck with having the baby, hope all goes well for you.
Susanne :)


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