Sunday, 22 September 2013

8th Sept-

Yes a little behind this is PHOTO HEAVY but what isn't.

So 8th September, our anniversary, i left you here. 

So our anniversary was a quite one, we built the pram in an attempt to encourage baby (it didnt work)

We went to our favourite spot in roundhay park and took some pics 

We didnt have a baby

On monday we got some lovely flowers from my sis. 

I may have ordered the nicest yarn ever

i slogged on my clapotis

i did some project life

i did some pre made pages as i think this is the only way i will be able to do 12x12 when bebe is here

I wore a cardi, well my laika, this means its cooling down and i am very grateful 

i made a little cardi for baby girl

yes it is supposed to be that xmassy

i bought her a little book 

i may have started something new while waiting and waiting for bebe

and something else,- both for me 

i slogged a bit more on my clapotis

i started something else new, again for me 

we got some of the professional wedding pics from my cousin, they are nice

I wore more knitwear

I went to a Nero meet up with some other 'mums to be' and spotted this sign which i rather love. 

I went out for lunch with my mam and my socks

she tried on all of my hats (i have lots) to see if there was any she wanted me to make her. 

There was one, naturally one i had literally just finished. 

I went for my toes 'done' I love getting my nails done, when you feel very not yourself its nice to have little pick me ups. 

They are a fabulous shade of pink with a blue 'shot' through them, i cant quite tell you how happy they are making me in the long drawn out overdue days. 

I watched like 6 films in one day, it was awesome

I finished my Clapotis, impressive isnt it lol 

I started some gift knitting 

I got the candles out 

I did more gift knitting 

and finished 

whoop, one ball of aran and done 

Vic came to visit so made the most of rob being there too and took a pic 

equally made the most of vic being there and took a pic of me and rob

i started something else new for baby

i finished something for baby 

I did a bit of septembers project life

we went for a walk up and down lots of steps

it was really really windy 

we then went to blockbuster (where we first met in sept 2003 no less) got tons of pre-owned dvds and had a snuggly afternoon in. 

Olive investigated the new things popping up in our house 

And that was my week, it was a really busy week actually, i was out and about more this week than i have for a while, thinking oohh ive heard you get more energy before baby comes, alas not in this case. 

I wonder if by the time this goes live little baby (or not so little eekk) baby will be here.

We shall see, I'll let you know lol 

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5 Ladybird Lane said...

Sounds like you've been really busy. Fingers crossed baby arrives soon. P.s absolutely love Elf, watch it a couple of times every Christmas!! Sarah


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