Wednesday, 25 September 2013

May Doc 2013/ Project Life

Im horribly behind with these, i need to photograph June but the rest are sat in a folder ready to go 

So May, it was a million years ago right? Before the xmas heat

It was a busy month. 

One day I met with with vic and heather and their babies and went to Saltaire. 

Me and Rob went to Harrogate, and had a little sitting time in the sun, I bought fabric, and made a desperate mission for some work trousers on my lunch hour, rob went to the football with his dad, yes i did make them matching scarves. 

We had a nice walk round the park, we did some Olive de-fluffing (always a big job), some measuring. 

i got bigger and bigger, V came for a visit, i hung out with Ol and Elijah,  i knit lots of things, Rob went away for the week on a training week for his new job. 

I went home for a family funeral, and had a little pamper session while i was there, Rob made me a shady area in the garden, we painted babys room, i got really really big (or so i thought )

We did some belly shots

and a proper 12x12 of our decorating in action. 

So yes that feels like a million years ago. 
Must photograph June and get the rest scheduled. 

Thanks for looking x

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Nicole said...

Really impressed with your scrapbooking, it makes your photos so much more exciting to look back on because they're part of a story :) I should do this -_- :)


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