Friday, 12 July 2013

Sunny Times

July is turning out hot! Last weekend before Rob started work at lunch time we got up early (ish) and headed out to Roundhay Park, we stopped at the butchers for a sausage sarnie, sat under a tree on our blankets and looked out over the lovely lake. It was so nice and cool under this tree and a lovely breeze from the water. 

After a bit of clever work i got comfortable, and we lay and chilled out and listened/ half listened to a audiobook.  

We took some silly pics 

I love photos of Robs hand on my bump! 

We marvelled at how our life would change, and how soon enough we would be here with our little baby, we actually watched a couple quite near us take some cute blanket pics of their very tiny little baby and got all excited. Rob gets a bit bored at the park so he said he is looking forward to having someone to 'play' with and he said and you can knit, ooh thanks lol 

I did a tiny bit of knitting. Rob had planned a million things into our whole 3 hours we had, the park, tesco, and a gala! Yep! 

So we sadly packed up and went to tesco which was stupidly busy.

We had literally 15 mins at the gala and bought a fab plant, oohh Rob took a awesome pic of it the other day i must dig that out. Then he went to work. 

I then completely melted all afternoon, i took photos but they arent pretty so lets pretend it didnt happen. 

On sunday he had the day off, we like just hanging out in our garden, its so blooming pretty but often we cant due to inconsiderate chavvy neighbours and their stupid inconsiderate music. But they were out on sunday yippee!

So we got the hottest bunny in all of the land all set up, she enjoys the cool of the pavement, sometimes i wonder who is hotter me or her lol 

I sat in the shade and did a bit of cross stitch coz it was cooler than sitting in the house. 

Rob had bought the smallest paddling pool ever but just enough room for our feet in an attempt to cool down, i had actually used the baby bath the night before in the living room, it was that or a mixing bowl but it really helped lol 

The sun caught up with me so i moved again, it also caught Olive so we put a blanket over her run to keep the sun out. 

I did my cross stitch for most of the day and only stopped when my wrist clicked on every thread and then it started really hurting. I would be bad if i screwed my wrist up from cross stitch rather than knitting lol

We watched the new film Oz in the evening which was good. 

Lovely day together x

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