Saturday, 13 July 2013

February 2013

I thought i had best hurry up and catch up on the Project Life pages or whatever it is we are calling them lately. As i'm pretty up to date. 

So these were still secret bumpy days and its nice to have a record of them. 

11 Weeks and already pretty bumpy i would say lol 

So Feb, started with turning 8 weeks, went to a craft fair with my sis to the corn exchange, did a day in Olives life, ah yes went home for the weekend and felt really really poorly not helped by neighbours playing their music till 3am, not fun. We went out for Vics 30th, I had some knitted blanket thoughts, and did my nails. 

I had some naughty treats, got a pic of robs now ex coleagues baby nancy in a hat i made her, my mam came to visit one monday and we bought a nappy bag which was far too early really but was a stupid cheap price considering its cath kidston and the first thing i/we bought for baby. 
We also went to Pizza Express for lunch, Me and Rob went out for belated birthday meal for me but i was so sleepy i could barely stay awake, i met my friends new puppy. I turned 10 weeks and went to round hay park with my friend Gwen. 

I did a bit of Steeking with gwen, we started to have a tiny bit of sun in our garden, Gwen had brought me some awesome pjs back from her trip home to America, I struggled at work with my big secret, i had 10 WIPS, i missed being awake on a evening 

We told my granny our baby news, i went to the Baa Ram Ewe launch, and my olive got a bit poorly. 

Wow that all feels like ages ago but quite recent too funny, lots of other months to catch up on.

Back soon x

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