Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Starting a mission

Hi all, sorry I havent been around, I have been far too busy melting lol, and when i dont have much time i blog from my phone but my app i normally use isnt working, any recommendations for a iphone? Also the app i use to read blogs has also died so i can completely behind so any recommendations on that too would also be helpful. 

Today I have a day off, I went back to work last week after being off a while with my stupid back, just on a phased basis and i finish for mat leave next friday whoop, but it has been wiping me out a bit.

Still I thought i would share a little of what i got up to on friday afternoon

My chum Fran came round on friday, Fran has not long since got back from a year in Melbourne so its been great hanging out again, till she very selfishly just got a job and is now moving to london! She assures me this isnt as far as Australia but i'm not so sure. 

Anyway i'm making the most of her while she is here, we had a lovely catch up and a lolly in the garden. I did a little bit of work on my cross stitch bunny. 

Then i told her about some of the things i want to make for baby girl. 

So my next really big project is the lovely floor cushion 

I guess i have been a bit intimidated to start, sometimes you just need someone there with you to dare break into that gorgeous jelly roll, Fran doesnt even really sew but its nice to have someone to say, do you think the instructions mean XYZ. 

So off we went. 

First we cut all the strips so we had double. 

The next job was to lay all the pieces out in the order we wanted them, this is where Fran came in handy, Im not saying i cant get on the floor but its uncomfortable and sometimes painful so im very pleased fran was willing to do the crawling while i watched lol 

We had no real plan other than, not too many of the same colour together, and add a dark blue every now and again as that was the boldest colour. 

It looks awesome, we did it in my rather messy craft room as I knew it would be a ongoing project and wasnt too sure Rob would be impressed if i had left it on the kitchen floor, hes not terribly chuffed the cutting mat and everything has been left on the kitchen table for other a month, like seriously lol 

So it was done, and i observed, (yes i am aware of the mess and no i dont really care, its on my list to sort at some point before baby along with a million other things)

I went back in the room on saturday morning to do a bit of scrapping and forgot about my little shadow 

Olive likes to lie against things, like the wall of the edge of the rug but never in the middle of things.

So i was most surprised to turn around and find her here, right in the middle of our creation. 

I told her to be careful and not move anything. 

I admit she had a little dig, told her off and she lay back down, and looked cute. 

The next stage of the cushion making is a big one, you basically have to cut, sew, press repeat a million times, and frankly its been far to hot to think about having the iron on.

But i do go and have a little look at the rainbow creation, from talking to my friend Laura who has made 2 of these now you need a bit of a station, my cushion which i now can't move is in this room, my sewing machine is set up in babys room which appears to have become my sewing room and my cutting board etc is in the kitchen, so i need to find the best way to do it. I just need it to be not so hot. 

Its actually much cooler today so i am trying to finish another quilt i have been working on to get a big fat tick from the to do list. 

i do have a few big fat tick projects to share so i will get on that asap.

Right i have to go and crawl round the floor to pin my next quilt. 
Hope you all arent melting

Rach x

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Sharondoubleknit said...

Australia isn't that far away, and is full of awesome.just saying. ..


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