Sunday, 21 July 2013

Mat Leave, Craft Leave?

So the day has finally come that at 32+3 I finished work.
Whilst this is probably a bit earlier than normal, i dont quite care lol

I feel like i have been waiting to go on maternity leave forever, not just while i was pregnant but i guess i built it up to be very exciting, well the bit im talking about is the bit before the baby, i dont think about the rest lol.

I have always thought wow all that time to sit and craft wow and here i am. 

I got lots of lovely presents from my chums at work which was very kind. 

Hi, this is Bessie lol 

So what are my plans now?
I have like 7 weeks till i'm due, I have a list but i cant find the book its in, despite having it this morning. 

I have to say the main thing i want to finish is my floor cushion i'm hoping to start this this week and have been setting a little work area so everything is in the same room. 

I have a million, ok not quite WIPS that i would like to get done just so i dont have tons of the needles.  

Something i started a couple of weeks ago is making a list of everything I had made, what size it was and what yarn it was. 

My draw needs a sort. 

So this was the written list but thought i could do better than that 

So I started a spreadsheet and I plan on having this somewhere in baby's room, Most of the things i have been knitting is superwash or acrylic but there are a couple of things that are yes god forbid be hand wash. People like to point out that no way will i want to handwash stuff and yes babies will be sick on random things but i would like to think that if i know she is going to eat something messy then she wont be in a hand knit. I like to think this and i would appreciate it if you just agree. 

So yes a bit more sorting needed. 

I have been good and sorted my desk out so it is ready for creating. 

My scrappy plans are pretty much just keep up with Project Life, and i want to get a good amount of my wedding/honeymoon pics scrapped which i have actually started. 

So yes whilst I guess i have a good hefty list to do I also plan on doing some snoozing, night time sleeping isnt great these days so about 2pm is a awesome time for a little snooze. I plan on watching some films too and i have my cross stitch to do and trying to see people as and when i can. 

I look forward to robs days off where we can be together all the time and whilst getting out and about is getting harder, i think mainly coz if the heat, i would like to think i wont be quite this grumpy when it cools down lol. 

So there you go, i will keep you updated as to what i get up to, i have some big fat ticks against some big things already which i need to blog about so feeling quite good about it all so far.

We will see, i like to think having quite a while to go till she is due i will get some done, the amount of people that tell my 'horror' stories of them finishing work on the friday and giving birth a few days later, like really why do people want to tell you the 'bad' things, lets focus on the positives and celebrate the small victories such as on friday night i slept for 12 hours without getting up, being to hot, being in pain or anything. Lets hope there are a few more of them eh?

Rach x

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hotpotato said...

Enjoy the time you have to yourselves until baby is due, time to chill and relax.


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